Situated just yards from the sea, The Esplanade is the ideal haven if you enjoy swimming, and in particular, swimming in the sea.  Bathing is not reserved for sadists alone.  If you feel the cold easily, don’t enjoy sand in your pants, or just don’t enjoy changing on the beach, there is no better feeling than crossing the street and changing in the comfort of your own room, knowing that you can be back on the beach within minutes. 

Weymouth Bay offers some of the finest bathing waters in the country, if not Europe.  Made famous by King George III in the 1780s.  His bathing machine was forever being seen being wheeled in to the shallow waters of Weymouth Bay, where the King would then change in his small wooden hut and descend the steps in to the clear waters beneath.  His band would then play God Save the King when he would resurface to climb back in to his bathing machine.  A replica of the King’s bathing machine can be seen alongside the commemorative statue to King George III on Weymouth seafront itself.  The shallow waters of Weymouth Bay are both safe and clean; ideal conditions for swimming or for learning to swim.  Given that these safe waters are bordered by golden sands, Weymouth is an ideal location for a family based holiday where atypical summer postcard scenes are ever present; children can be seen littering the shore line popping in and out of the sea. 

Swimming is also safe in Portland Harbour, from Sandsfoot beach and accompanying shoreline.  It is also safe from the causeway but not recommended due to the high level of use by both wind and kite surfers.  At no stage should you swim at Ferry Bridge.  The currents are very strong and should be avoided by even the strongest of swimmers.

For a more exhilarating swim and to avoid the crowds of Weymouth beach, the cool waters from Chesil Beach make a refreshing change.  Due to the extremely deep waters (the ocean bottom shelves very steeply), the often powerful waves and the deceptively strong undertow of the sea, it is not recommended for children and should only be considered by stronger and more confident swimmers.


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