Despite all the legislation and Government quotas that now affect the fishing industry, Weymouth still boasts a small fleet of trawlers that brave the open seas day in, day out, all so that we can continue to enjoy our seaside fish and chips.

The truth is, Weymouth offers some of the best sea fishing in the country and in particular, the Weymouth and Portland area is considered a centre of excellence along the south coast with regard to the varied species of fish that are regularly landed.  The choices to fish are abundant and unrivalled.  There are marks for you to fish that will suit all tastes, abilities and budgets.

For the novice and the small cost of some bait you can fish virtually anywhere.  Casting off Weymouth Beach you can often land sea bass, pollock, whiting, pout, and on a more lucky dip – grey mullet.  With a set of feathers and a strong cast off of Chesil Beach, you can quickly catch the first course of your family barbeque with a large haul of mackerel.  For a change of scenery, both the stone and pleasure piers offer you the opportunity to cast out in to Weymouth Bay for a chance to land one of the larger sea bass patrolling Weymouth Bay, or drop a line alongside the piers for a chance at a wall side flat fish.  With the right conditions and the right skills, you might be lucky enough to land a squid that are often in residence alongside the Pleasure Pier.  The harbour side is also the area for children to drop a crab line for surprisingly eager and greedy crabs to make short lived land side appearances.  The harbour side can also boast silver eels for the more highly skilled or is the spot to hop on board a boat for an afternoon’s mackerel fishing.

For the more discerning fisherman, the choices are endless.  There are the wrecks of the Royal Adelaide and the sunken World War II US landing craft that can both easily be fished from Chesil Beach.  The wrecks boast the usual suspects of pollack, cod, ling, conger and black bream in abundance as well as tropical trigger fish in the warmer summer months.  Portland Bill will also get your pulse racing as well as your trace.  The cliffs can be treacherous, even in the calmest conditions but the rewards of a large conger, wrasse, mackerel, garfish, pollack, or bass are often worth the effort.  The Race at the Bill is the home of many a giant bass and will keep the fishermen visiting evermore.  You could also charter a local fishing boat.  Weymouth is accredited with having the largest professional fleet of fishing vessels operating out of a British Harbour.  Just a short trip from shore, are the famous fishing grounds of the Shambles and Adamant sandbanks.  These enviable spots procure all of the aforementioned fish as well as plaice, turbot, brill, tope, huss and rays.

Other marks in the area include Bowleaze Cove and Redcliffe in Weymouth Bay, Abbotsbury, West Bexington and Great Ope at Chiswell, Portland on Chesil Beach and Portland Harbour itself, all offer other fine angling opportunities.  The website offers information and advice as to how to access many of the marks mentioned as well as what to expect when you fish there.

Weymouth is also host to a number of both National and International fishing events.  Having staged the coveted European Federation of Sea Anglers European Line Class and Boat Championships for the fifth time in 2007, there are always events and competitions being held in the region.  By contacting the Weymouth Angling Society on 01305 785032 they will be more than happy to advise of any future events or for information in general..

Why is The Esplanade the right place for you?  Here at The Esplanade, we are more than happy to accommodate any of your fishing gear (by forward agreement), as well as provide you with a packed lunch or an evening meal on your return from a long day on the open sea.  Being fully licensed, the hotel bar is the ideal place to discuss ‘the one that got away’ with the rest of your fishing friends.

Note – packed lunches are available in all sizes to fit all budgets and appetites and are by arrangement.  Dinner is again available by arrangement and for parties of 6 or more.

For fishing off of Portland or Chesil Beach, has an excellent selection of information.

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