Covid 19 precautions

As we are currently operating in very unusual circumstances with regards to the Covid 19 pandemic, we have had to adapt our normal procedures and processes in a manner that will minimise risk to both yourself as well as me, my staff and family.  Although we are always reviewing the most up to date advice and guidance from the government, the main ways we are trying to protect people are as follows:
  • Self check-in process 
Your key along with a welcome letter will be left in a key safe behind the blue front door to the property.  Before you arrive you will be sent information on how to access the safe and thus the property.
  • Breakfast will be served in your room

A finding of the Government's mandatory risk assessment was that it is safer for breakfast to be served in the guests' rooms.  Although this is not our preferred way of providing you with your breakfast, in these extreme times, I'm sure that you will agree that your safety is paramount.  Breakfast will continue to be cooked to order and will be cooked fresh from quality, and local produce where possible.  Menus will be provided to you the day before for you to complete so that your food can be arranged with minimal contact in advance.  As our dining room is not overtly big and and sits on the smaller side, the government advice has been to close it as not only will it be difficult to keep families socially distanced and served in good time, it will be equally difficult to administer a queue of people forming in a small confined area.

  • The bar and balcony will be closed

As the bar is a self-service honesty bar, we have no option but to close it until the government restictions are lifted and social distancing and self-service do not provide an issue to our health.

  • Reduced room servicing

With regard to servicing your room, for stays of four days and under there will be no traditional cleaning.  The rooms are deep cleaned before you arrive and deep cleaned again upon departure.  We will be offering a minimal service with your help so that bins can be emptied, tea trays replenished, toiletries and towels refreshed.  This will take place after you have finished your breakfast and at the same time we collect your dirty breakfast things that you will kindly leave outside your door.  For stays of more than four days, unless you do not want us to, we will arrange a convenient two hour period during the morning so we may come in to your room, change bed linen, refresh any towels that have been left in the bath (not on the bath), and give the room a general clean.  You will also notice that the rooms may seem a little barer than usual; all soft furnishings that usually adorn the bed etc have been removed for your safety.

  • Social distancing practiced at all times

We are fortunate to have larger than normal hallways, stairwells and landings enabling users to remain as socially distanced as possible.  With a little common sense, there is no need to come close to any other guest while using the common areas.

  • Deeper pre stay cleaning


  • Deeper post stay cleaning


  • Antibacterial gel is available throughout the property


  • Anti bacterial wipes are available throughout the property


  • You are urged to wear a mask at all times in the common areas of the property


In line with the Government's ever changing guidance and best practice, we reserve the right to change, improve, remove, reduce or add to all of the processes identified above with a view to keeping everyone as safe as possible.

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