The Esplanade is situated smack on Weymouth Seafront and is an ideal location from which to base a cycling holiday or tour.  With its own private, off road car park, you can park your car and ride your bike safely in the knowledge that your car is away from an expensive and busy public car park and away from the infamously impossible to park side streets of the town itself.  With prior agreement, The Esplanade can house your bicycle during the evening hours*.  With a guaranteed parking space, you can also drive to the more difficult to cycle areas of Weymouth or in to the Dorset Countryside and then ride your route from there, safely in the knowledge that there is somewhere for you to park when you return in the evening.  After a busy day in the saddle, The Esplanade’s double rooms all have baths and high quality luxury toiletries so that you can soak away your aches.  As an alternative to the bath for ‘soaking away the aches’  The Esplanade boasts its own bar so you can relax in the comfort of the lounge with a hard earned drink, or stroll gently in to town to eat at one of the many excellent eating establishments.  For those tired out, there are also five restaurants and a seafront pub serving food within a five to six minute walk (three of these are within a one minute walk).  If you are part of a cycling group, The Esplanade is able to offer evening meal facilities for groups of six or more.  Conditions apply but please ask for a quote.  Pack lunches are also available to suit all budgets and diets.  Again, please ask for a quote.

So where is there to cycle?  There are many cycling routes and trails both in Weymouth and in the surrounding Dorset countryside.  The centre of Weymouth is relatively flat and you can reach the Isle of Portland via The Rodwell trail without much of an incline at all.  The Rodwell trail is the old disused Weymouth to Portland railway line and you can pleasantly cycle from the seafront to the old naval dock on Portland without too much strain as well as being able to take in a number of ideal spots to either stop for a picnic or even a quick swim.  The tree lined route passes old stations and tunnels, before opening up at the edge of Portland Harbour.  You could stop to see the old and crumbling Sandsfoot Castle for a rest, a drink or even a picnic.  Set in idyllic gardens, the Castle was built in the 1530s by Henry VIII.  It was to stand in tandem with Portland Castle as a defence against any attack from the Catholic community after the King changed the established religion of England with his protestant reformation act that placed himself as the head of the Church of England, allowing him to divorce his then Queen, Catherine of Aragon. 

It now stands a crumbling ruin as a stark reminder to the wartime past of the harbour.  Sandsfoot beach also provides a beautiful little sandy beach that is one of Weymouth’s best kept secrets.  Used mostly by locals, you can dodge the crowds of Weymouth beach and dip in the safe waters of Portland Harbour.  The beach itself is set beneath the crumbling cliffs of Old Castle Road as some of the more expensive houses in the town unbelievable cling on to maintain their existence.  Leaving Sandsfoot behind you, you will continue along the old railway, taking in the sights of Chesil Beach, and Portland Harbour itself.  

There is easy cycling along Weymouth seafront and you can spend the day within the vicinity of the town centre easily taking in many of the local popular spots.  From Bowleaze Cove to the East of the town, and the Old Harbour, its piers and the Nothe Fort to the South of the town, there are again plenty of spots to stop for a bite to eat, a dip in the sea or a sneaky beer when your cycling day is over. 

The top of Portland too is relatively hill free, it is the getting to the top that will takes its toll!!  You can take in the sites of Portland including Castletown, Portland Castle, views from the top, Church Ope Cove, Portland Bill and Westcliff on your tour around.  


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