Environmental Policy


The Esplanade is set at the heart of the Jurassic Coast, England’s only natural World Heritage Site. The area is not only important in understanding the formation of the Earth as we know it today but it is also rich in natural beauty, and high biodiversity. It is the responsibility of the current management team at The Esplanade as well as the generations of owners to come to protect, and nurture our natural environment given that The Esplanade’s location is one of its main attributes. It is as custodian to these natural assets and the ensuring their sustainability via protection of the immediate and wider environment that will allow enjoyment of the area and prosperity of the Hotel for many generations to come. 

The owners of The Esplanade see their major impacts on the environment to be as follows:

·         Energy use;

·         Supplier selection – ‘food miles’;

·         Water use; and

·         Waste management.

By minimising the impact of the hotel, it will reduce its carbon footprint on the environment and will minimise any negative impact that the Hotel might have on the World.

The Esplanade will consider the following areas in order to minimise its impact on the World:

·         Energy saving

o        Any capital investment projects will be conducted and managed in order to minimise the impact on the environment. Where possible, all aspects on the environment will be assessed.

o        Where possible, all light bulbs will be replaced with low voltage energy efficient bulbs.

o        Boilers will be serviced at least annually.

o        When energy contracts are renewed, sustainable energy sources will be considered. This will next be reviewed in quarter three 2010.

o        Ionisation magnets will continue to be used on the gas pipes.

o        Notices are to be placed in the guest bedrooms encouraging the saving of energy. This will take the form of reusing towels, changes of bed linen and turning off lights.

o        An energy efficiency monitor is to be purchased, used, information collated and areas identified for possible saving by the third quarter, 2010.

·         Minimisation of food miles

o        The Esplanade is proud to be a member of Direct From Dorset and also Buy Dorset Buy Local. These are two local organisations that promote the use of local produce and the contracting of local suppliers and providers of service. The Esplanade will source, wherever possible, all of its supplies from Dorset or the immediately surrounding counties. It will only look further afield if it is unable to source the quality it needs from the locality, and only as a last resort. This is currently being highly achieved. For the provision of services, The Esplanade is pleased to say that its main contractors i.e. laundry service, electrician, plumber, window cleaner, florist, waste disposal, butcher, milk and dairy produce, and greengrocery are all supplied from companies from within the Dorset borders, many from Weymouth itself.

·         Reduction of water use

o        Notices are already in the bedrooms with regard to reusing linen and towels.

o        Notices to be placed in the welcome packs to encourage the use of showers over baths.

o        An irrigation system has been installed to minimise the amount of waste water.

o        Any capital works with regard to toilet improvements will include the ability for mini-flush options.

o        Lower temperature laundry cycles are to be used wherever possible.

·         Waste management

The Esplanade currently does not recycle its waste as well as it could. This is due to limited space for holding waste materials however over the close period of winter 2009/10, space will be made to accommodate extra bins. This is an area for definite improvement.

o        Recycling will be introduced for paper, cardboard, glass, tins, cans and plastics. Separate bins will be placed in the back yard so that daily recycling will take place. This will be in place by the end of March 2010.

o        Staff to be re-educated with regard to recycling, especially with regard to the waste from the bedrooms.

·         General

The Esplanade will:

·         Become an affiliate to the Green Business Scheme before the end of 2010.

·         Conduct its affairs in accordance with environmental best practice.

·         Regularly review our procedures and achievement, making any improvements and changes where necessary.



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