Weymouth is now blessed with an abundance of better than decent places to take dinner that are both high in quality and reasonably priced.  There are some simply excellent restaurants both close to the Hotel as well as in the town centre, just a short pre-dinner stroll away.  The luxury of eating what you prefer, and at the time you prefer it too, is a luxury that The Esplanade cannot compete with and hence a full dinner menu is not usually available at the Hotel. 
However, if you are a group of six or more guests, dinner is available in the Hotel by prior agreement.  If you would like to take dinner, a menu will be sent to you for agreement prior to your arrival.  The menu will be to a high quality and with an abundance of choice.  All we ask is that as a party you choose one main meat menu and one main vegetarian menu.  Prices will be in the region of £20 per person for a three course dinner, coffee and mints.
We are fully licensed and are able to offer a full bar menu with dinner. 

Eating out in Weymouth

Contrary to the archetypal perennial seaside image that the only food the English can serve is fish and chips, Weymouth is now blessed with an abundance of extremely good and affordable restaurants.  The Esplanade is attractively situated on Weymouth seafront just a short pre-dinner stroll from the attractions of the town centre and the delicious delights of the Old Harbour.  If time is against you, there are a number of local hostelries within seconds from the front door that with vie with your senses to serve you dinner.
Given peoples’ differing tastes and uneven levels of expectation of service, the job of recommending restaurants is very much a poisoned chalice.  Below is a list of popular restaurants and eating places in the town and surrounding area, and although far from comprehensive, will give you a feel for the varied and abundant choice that is now available in the town.  All of the places listed have been used by the owners in the last two years, some more than others.  The Hotel keeps a review book that can be consulted at any time during your stay.  This book gives a detailed account of first hand experiences of the owners and previous staying guests and the restaurants that they have visited during their stay at The Esplanade.  The book is readily available and can be consulted and/or added to at any time.

Close to the hotel


Enzo is an excellent independent Italian restaurant just a short stroll along the esplanade towards The Clock.  Its menu is much more than just pizza and pasta with an extensive ‘carné’ menu and an excellent specials board.  The welcome is genuine; the decor is modern and the views of the bay breathtaking.  The good news is that the food matches its surroundings.  On summer days, the windows are opened so wide you feel like you are dining on the beach.  Enzo is always busy with locals not to mention visitors.  For further information, visit www.enzo-ristorante.co.uk or telephone 01305 778666.  Enzo is just a couple of minutes walk from The Esplanade.


Situated a short stroll from The Esplanade, Chilli’s on Queen Street is an excellent example of contemporary Indian cuisine.  Its modern and minimalist interior, coupled with an extensive menu packed with the usual suspects as well as an amazing choice of chef’s speciality dishes, Chilli’s is meal to remember.  For further information visit, www.chilliesweymouth.com or telephone 01305 766601.  Chilli’s is approximately a five minute walk from The Esplanade.


A family run business just a couple of minutes walk from the Hotel’s front door, Westers always affords a warm welcome.  Situated in the basement of a local building, the menu offers great steaks and locally caught fish in a cosy yet intimate atmosphere.  A big hit with a lot of our guests, not just for the excellent food but because of the short stagger home too.  For further information, telephone 01305 784904.  Westers is less than 5 minute walk from The Esplanade.


Another family business established in Weymouth since the 1960s, Hamiltons is literally across the road.  Whether you want a day time cappuccino and a slice of homemade cake, or a high quality, freshly prepared dinner in the evening, Hamiltons always delivers.  Highly influenced with locally caught fish, a delicate menu is updated often.  For further information, visit www.hamitonsrestaurant.co.uk or telephone 01305 789544.  Hamiltons is literally across the street from The Esplanade.

Sea View

Another restaurant, this time Chinese, is again literally across the street, the Sea View offers both an excellent ‘eat as much as you like’ lunch and dinner menu that proves to be extremely good value for those with a healthy appetite.  Sitting comfortably alongside the à la carte menu, the ‘eat as much as you like’ menu is different from the usual formula in that the Sea View does not offer a buffet but rather controversially cooks all selections to order.  The order of the day is that if you keep eating, the restaurant keeps cooking. The Sea View is also enviably situated in the old buildings of the Pier Bandstand, an Art Deco building competed in 1939.  Sadly the actual pier was blown up in the 1980s, but this only adds to the fortune of the restaurant in the fact that you now can sit directly alongside the sea.  For further information, telephone 01305 839888.  The Sea View is on the beach directly across from the front door of the Hotel.

The Rembrandt Hotel

Specialising in English and European cuisine, The Rembrandt is a larger hotel just a short stroll from The Esplanade’s front door.  It offers both a daily carvery as well as a grill menu.  Visit www.hotelrembrandt.co.uk or telephone 01305 764000 for further information.

Hotel Prince Regent

The Esplanade’s next door neighbour is part of the Best Western chain of hotels.  It offers dinner from its sea facing restaurant on the front of the Hotel.  For further information, visit www.princeregentweymouth.co.uk or telephone 01305 771313.

The Park

The Park is a friendly, welcoming pub serving a fine array of reasonably priced home cooked food just a stone’s throw from The Hotel’s front door. With great beers to boot, and an excellent atmosphere, The Park is a wonderful short stagger home afterwards.  For further information, visit    www.theparkweymouth.co.uk or telephone 01305 784655.  The Park is approximately 5 minutes walk from The Esplanade.

The Balti House

A local Indian restaurant with a traditional feel to it, The Balti House offers more than the usual suspects in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.  The food is of a high quality; excellent ingredients and attentive service.  As the title suggests, there is a great line in Baltis too.  For further information, visit www.indianrestaurantsweymouth.co.uk or telephone 01305 783515.  The Balti House is probably a 6 or 7 minute walk from The Esplanade.

Moby Dicks

A local pub that specialises in fish and seafood but also offers a selection of grilled food if fish is not your thing.  There is a large sun terrace for an alfresco pint and a portion of calamari when the sun is shining and an extremely large indoor area where there certainly is room to swing the proverbial cat.  For more information, visit www.mobyspubs.com or telephone 01305 777697.  Mobys is approximately 5 minutes walk from The Esplanade.

King Edwards

A fish and chip restaurant and takeaway, King Edwards has a popular children’s option where their fish and chips is served in a bucket with a spade.  For further information, telephone 01305 786924.  King Edwards is less than a 5 minute walk from the front door of the Hotel.

A short stroll from the hotel

If you have time to stroll, there is an excellent choice of fine dining to suit any budget in town. 


An English restaurant superbly situated on Weymouth’s picturesque North Quay.  The restaurant is used by locals and tourists alike and the superb menu benefits from the extended use of good local produce.  The menu includes a good selection of local meat and fish dishes.  Visit www.vaughansbistro.co.uk or telephone 01305 769004 for further information.  Vaughan’s is approximately a 10 minute stroll from The Esplanade.


Centrally located at the bottom of town, Sense specialises in contemporary fine European cuisine.  With room for only 36 covers, its smaller, intimate atmosphere has on many occasions proved to be the ideal venue for a special night out.   There is an extensive menu packed with an amazing choice of dishes, made ever more complicated by the further dishes available on the ever changing specials board.  Visit www.senserestaurant.com or telephone 01305 777222 for further information.  Sense is approximately a 10 minute stroll from The Esplanade.


Situated close to Vaughan’s on North Quay, Floods is a friendly intimate restaurant that gives you the feel of walking in to somebody else’s front room.  Just yards from where the daily catch is landed, Floods specialises in local fish and seafood.  The service is exemplary with friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Meals are prepared in an open kitchen in full view of the diners at the back of the restaurant. For further information, telephone 01305 772270.  Floods is just over a 10 minute stroll from The Esplanade, straight along the sea front.

Rossinis Ristorante

Specialising in Mediterranean cuisine, Rossinis offers an excellent choice and generous portions with dishes prepared from countries native to the shoreline of the Med.  The relaxed and friendly atmosphere coupled with the ability for the diners to choose both Moroccan and Italian cuisine in the same sitting say, make Rossinis a popular destination for all.  For further information, visit www.rossinis.co.uk or telephone 01305 789406.  Rossinis is approximately a 10 minute stroll from The Esplanade.

Mallams Restaurant

English cuisine at its finest, Mallams is a real treat.  With an excellent choice of locally caught fish, as well as dishes including the finest of British meat, Mallams has a menu and all round dining experience to match it stunning location.  Situated alongside the picturesque backdrop that is Weymouth old harbour, you can almost smell the sea as you sip a pre-dinner cocktail or chat with the knowledgeable waiting staff and sommelier about which wine you’ll be enjoying with your dinner.  For further information, visit www.mallamsrestaurant.co.uk or telephone 01306 776757.  Mallams in on the far side of the harbour and is less than a leisurely 15 minute stroll away.


Situated alongside Mallams, Perrys also boasts an excellent location.  Famous for its dishes prepared using locally caught fish, as well as its extensive wine list, Perrys is popular with locals and visitors alike.  Visit www.perrysrestaurant.co.uk or telephone 01305 785799 for further information.  Perrys in on the far side of the harbour and is less than a leisurely 15 minute stroll away.

The Galley Bistro & Bar

English bistro style food is the order of the day at The Galley.  With a wide choice of hot and cold dishes, the Galley is situated in the historic Hope Square.  It is a popular destination, especially when the sun is shining as it boasts a large al fresco area for enjoying your meal in the fresh air.  Sundays are also popular for its lunch time carvery.  Visit www.thegalleybistro.co.uk for further information or telephone 01305 784059.  The Galley is approximately 15 minutes by foot from The Esplanade.
The Crow’s Nest
Again situated in the picturesque Hope Square, The Crow’s Nest is one of Weymouth’s hidden gems.  Priding itself on using as much Dorset produce as possible in all of its dishes, the Crow’s Nest with its al fresco dining has a lot to offer.  Visit www.thecrowsnestweymouth.co.uk or telephone 01305 786930 for further information.  The Crow’s Nest is approximately 15 minutes by foot from The Esplanade.

The Nothe Tavern

More than ‘just a pub’, The Nothe Tavern has developed its menu from traditional pub grub to a restaurant that specialises in fish and grills.  It also boasts an excellent Sunday carvery that is very popular with the locals as well as well as with visitors.  With welcoming service, you can dine in the traditional pub, the pub restaurant or on sunny days, there is a patio garden.  Further information can be gained by visiting www.thenothetavern.co.uk or by telephoning 01305 839255.

Ming Wah

The Ming Wah is a Cantonese restaurant in the centre of town.  For further information, telephone 01305 773282.


As part of the Prezzo chain of Italian restaurants, Prezzo Weymouth is beautifully situated on Weymouth Town Bridge with amazing views of the harbour. Although it is limited to its prescribed menu, it is extensive and your food can be viewed being cooked through the hatch to the open kitchen.  For more information, visit www.loveprezzo.co.uk or telephone 01305 787600.  Walking to Prezzo would take less than 15 minutes from The Esplanade.


Beautifully situated on Weymouth Town Bridge, Lanes offers a fine selection of tapas in its ground floor restaurant overlooking the harbour.  In its first floor dining room, a fine selection of locally caught fish and crab is on offer.  For further information, telephone 01305 772023.  Walking to Lanes would take less than 15 minutes from The Esplanade.

The Weymouth Tandoori

The Weymouth Tandori is a traditional Indian restaurant at the bottom of town.  Situated behind St Mary’s church, it offers all expected fare; flock wall papers mixed with plinky plonky music and great food is a formula that has drawn the locals for a long time.  For further information, visit www.weymouthtandoori.co.uk or telephone 01305 776774.  Walking to the Weymouth Tandoori would take approximately 10 minutes.

The Marlboro

Weymouth is blessed with an abundance of good fish and chip shops.  None are visited more regularly by the locals than the award winning Marlboro. With a sit down restaurant to complement the popular take away, the Marlboro is able to cater for all needs.  When the sun is shining, there is nothing better than grabbing a take away from the Marlboro, buying a pint from one of the harbour side pubs and then sitting in the sun on the harbour wall and polishing the lot off.  The fish cakes are to die for and should not be missed – you’ll note that these are a personal favourite.  For further information, telephone 01305 785700.

Child friendly places

Enzo (see above)

Enzo is fantastic with children.  His restaurant opens at 5pm which is excellent for those whose children sleep at 7ish.  There are child size portions and highchairs.

Rossinis (see above)

Rossinis is unique in Weymouth and attractive to children (and the child in you) because they allow you to draw on the tablecloths whilst you wait.  Each paper tablecloth is accompanied with a glass full of crayons meaning you can create your very own souvenir of your special night.

Moby Dicks (see above)

There is a bespoke children’s menu as well as a large outdoor sun terrace for children to roam.  The staff are extremely attentive to the children’s needs with both colouring and balloons to hand.

The Marlboro (see above)


Sea View (see above)

This is another excellent restaurant that opens at 5pm.  Not only are the staff playful with the children, the child prices are very good.  The other benefit of an early table is that you often get one of the great ones next to the window facing the sea.

Prezzo (see above)

All children love pasta and the choice is excellent.  There are highchairs and a children’s menu.

Nothe Tavern (see above)

The Nothe has a box of children’s toys – say no more.

The Lodmoor

The Lodmoor is a Brewers Fayre pub with its standard menu.  It’s situated opposite the local Sea Life Park, one of Weymouth’s premier tourist attractions.  It has a children’s play area that allows you to relax with a beer whilst your children run riot in the ball pool.  There is a small charge for this privilege.  For further information email lodmoor.weymouth@whitbread.com or telephone 08701 977267.  The Lodmoor is approximately 15 minutes walk away from The Esplanade, towards Bowleaze Cove (away from the town centre).

The New Vic

Excellently positioned on Weymouth Seafront, The New Vic is another pub that serves traditional pub grub but also harbours a children’s play area known as Jolly Ollie’s.  Based over two levels, there is a small charge for children in the play area.   The play are is suitable for 2-10 year olds.  For further information, visit www.kingshotels.co.uk/restaurants/new-vic-restaurant or telephone 01305 784692.

The Spyglass

A child tolerant pub on the hill at Overcombe Corner, it has a great children’s play area complete with climbing frames.  It is not really aimed at the toddler but with acres of hillside and the garden to run around in, there is room at least for children of all ages to let off steam.  There is a daily carvery, which when timed well, is very nice.  For further information, telephone 01305 833141.

Vegetarian option

Most restaurants nowadays offer a fair choice of vegetarian options that is more than a 1980s nut loaf or the sophistication of the 1990s ‘jacket potato with cheese’!  Indian and Italian restaurants always offer a good selection of meat-free dishes.
Other restaurants of note are:

The Statue House Tapas Bar

This Spanish restaurant openly claims to have the best vegetarian choice in the town.  The restaurant claims that 96% of its menu is homemade so with this in mind, adaptability is the order of the day.  With reviews in vegetarian magazines with regard to their vegan fare, The Statue House Tapas Bar is a good place to start; it’s also in a great location.  Situated at the King’s Statue overlooking the beach, it’s an ideal spot to watch the World go by whilst enjoying lunch or dinner.  For further information, visit www.statuehousetapasbar.vpweb.co.uk or telephone 01305 830456.
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