What goes on in Weymouth

There is always something going on in Weymouth.  Special events occur throughout the year with something organised for most weekends.  

Taking centre stage is the Armed Forces Celebration in June, the Seafood Festival in the middle of July, and culminating in the Carnival on the third Wednesday of August.  This year the Red Arrows should be making their return.

As well as the 'flagship' events, Weymouth's biggest secret is its local music scene.  A gigging pub can be found every night of the week but it comes to a head with Weymouth's very own free beach festival which usually takes place as part of the Spirit of the Sea festival in July.  It was absent in 2012 because the live screens for the Olympics took its place but let's hope it makes a welcome return for 2013; sun, sand, beer and music for free - well not the beer but what more could you ask for ha ha.


See our other tabs for what is on at the moment and what is coming up later in the year.

There is also an excellent site http://www.whatsonweymouth.com/p/whats-on-weymouth-2013.html which is always bang up to date with both excellent and relevant news and events.


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