Privacy Policy

In order to make a reservation at The Esplanade, you may be required to answer a number of questions and to provide certain personal information about yourself. We respect your privacy at The Esplanade and any such information that is disclosed to us during the booking process or as a consequence of your stay is protected by The Data Protection Act 1998 which sets out your rights as a consumer with regard to governing the information that can be held by businesses with regard to individuals.

By using this website and by making a reservation with The Esplanade, you consent to abide by the terms and conditions (link to T&Cs) but this shall not affect your rights in relation to your personal data which is explained further below.

Who will hold your information?

·         Your information will be held by The Esplanade Hotel Weymouth Limited, a Company registered in England & Wales, company number 06321762. The Esplanade’s registered office is 141 The Esplanade, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7NJ.

·         The Esplanade is the owner of i.e. The Esplanade’s website.

·         If the business of The Esplanade is sold, or integrated with another business, your details may be advised to our advisors and any prospective purchasers, and their advisers. Your details will be passed on to any new owner of The Esplanade.

What information will we/might we hold?

We might hold the following information on our records:

·         Personal details such as name, address(es), telephone number(s), age, special occasion(s) and email address(es).

·         Information with regard to transactions including credit or debit card payment details as well as any other payment details sought.

·         General information including observations, descriptions, likes, dislikes and interests.

Why do we hold information?

We may hold any information including the information detailed above for any purpose as deemed necessary by the management of The Esplanade but may include the following:

·         To analyse our level of service to you.

·         To maintain and service our administrative records.

·         To ensure that our level of service is the most appropriate to your needs.

·         To ensure that we continue to offer service of the highest and most appropriate level.

·         To respond to any query that you might raise.

·         To make improvements and to react to any suggestions made.

·         Marketing and selling but this will be for The Esplanade’s purpose only. Your personal information will not be sold or passed for free to any third party without the your expressed consent except for in the case when the business might be sold to a new owner (as detailed above).

·         To send you email newsletters, blogs or any other kind of electronic marketing information.

·         To keep you up to date with any special offers that we might be running.

·         For internal research and statistical purposes.

Is my information secure?

·         We have systems, passwords and safes in place to provide the appropriate level of security for the nature of the information held and the harm that might occur if there was a breach of security or that the information was misused. However, all publicly accessible websites are susceptible to malicious practices and we accept no liability if security is breached.

·         However, it should be noted that we will not hold information about you that is excessive in respect for the purposes for which it is to be used.

·         Information accessed or sent via this website is not via a secure form.

Have I consented to the privacy statement?

By using this website or by making an application for a reservation at The Esplanade, you are consenting to the terms detailed in this privacy policy. Please note that the privacy policy may change at any time however nay changes will be detailed on this page or any other relevant pages of this website.

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